Big fun at Sewell MINI of Plano

Yes, that is your neighborhood celebu-chef and mine, Kent Rathbun, peering under the hood of a MINI at the opening bash for Sewell MINI of Plano. But he’s not checking the transmission (that’s under the hood, right?), he’s perusing a bevy of sweet treats set up on a clear serving platform tucked under the hood — coolness! And that was the tip of this crazy party’s iceberg …

I arrived late — and hungry. As local geek ’80s band the Spazmatics waged a rock war against KISS tribute band Destroyer outside, I nibbled on some Rathbun-catered mini-dishes (wink!) and sipped on wine. My friend was dying to lead me around the facility, so I followed, chicken leg in hand.

Wow, and what a facility. Back inside, the centerpiece of the main room was a popcorn bar (above), complete with all types of flavors, including the addictive favorite, jalapeno ranch. I must’ve eaten a pound of it!

Through a couple doors, past some giant snack and candy containers and a mini-arcade (wink-wink!), we stumbled upon DJ Lucy Wrubel doing her thing right near the dessert car. Sweet standouts were the little fruit tarts and those insanely yummy chocolate crinkle cookies. Funness!

On the opposite side of the popcorn bar, a MINI was used as a blank canvas (above), with brushes and cans of paint nearby for guests to leave behind their artistic signature. I didn’t want to get my hands dirty, since I was going to need them to shovel more jalapeno ranch popcorn down my throat, so I headed out the front door to sit on a live longhorn and smile for a photo. And the evening ended the way it began — full of very interesting randomness!