NOLA, Night 3: Boys and booze

I really wanted to title this post Cocktails and … ahem. Boys and bevs, definitely a dangerous mix, and did we get plenty of both Thursday night.

Detroit Diva and I were positively blazing our way through town when my guy friend Dimples drove into town to meet us … and to take the partying to the nth level! Our first outing together included a return to Magazine Street for Detroit and I, to a restaurant named Jackson.

With its exposed brick walls and date-night lighting, Jackson had the feel of an urban loft. We were seated on the second floor, which wasn’t much wider than our table. No worry, we were hongray!

Jackson featured serious cocktail specials when we arrived, with $2 or $3 cocktails, or something ridiculous like that — yes, please!

Detroit suggested we start off with the Diablo Dip, which was basically a seven-layer dip of the Super Bowl variety. It was kind of exactly what we needed, though, and it was pretty good.It went well with the drinks

we were knocking back, too.

Speaking of drinks, I don’t know how we stumbled onto this knowledge, but when we started asking for crazy, off-menu cocktails, the waitress said the bartender would be more than happy to create almost anything we could come up with. Sweet!

I requested a sweet, minty bev, since they grew the herb on-site. It was moderately well-executed, but the best thing was the waitress said I could name the drink since I was the first to request it. I present to you the Divatini! Hmmmm, maybe I should write a song: I Left My Drink in Old New Orleans.

After Jackson, we had a cabbie take us straight to Bourbon Street, to get our party on. We drank in the streets and checked out a brass band of young guys entertaining passers-by near Canal Street. Wait, is that homeless-looking guy part of the show or just cray-cray??

So we wandered around a bit when Dimples told us about the gay bars on the other end of Bourbon Street — let’s go!

We started at Bourbon Pub and Parade, which was well on its way to becoming super-packed. Turned out there was a second floor, and karaoke night was under way — yes! After loosening up (further) with several a couple of drinks, the three of us decided to perform Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

Detroit was the only one who knew how the song went, and Dimples and I just contributed to the chorus … and we had everyone on their feet!! Seriously, folks came up to the stage from the bar and started singing along — I felt like a celeb, for sure. After the high of performing, we decided to check out the gay bar across Bourbon, called Oz.

The above photo represents the only image from Oz that I’m authorized by Detroit and Dimples to share with the public. It’s a Whitney Houston impersonator “belting” and dancing to “I’m Every Woman” while a line of hot mens looks on. Turns out we landed smack in the middle of a hot body contest — meow! This club put these guys through sooo much — looking back, it seems like the thing lasted two hours! But it was some of the best sightseeing we’d seen yet, ha!!

After having to beg a girl to serve as my door in the doorless communal bathroom (Doorless nightclub bathrooms, I’m over you. Sincerely, La Diva), the pageant was cleared (who even won?!) and dancing commenced. Memory gets hazy after this, though I do remember Dimples wanting to take us to his favorite gay bar, the Corner Pocket. Alas, it was closed … we surrendered for the day and went to bed.





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