Q de Cheval’s prime rib party

Examine that slab of tender prime rib above, y’all. Imagine enjoying that delightful piece of beef, satisfying your meaty desires with each juicy bite … and being allowed to have as many such slabs as you wanted. That, my friends, is the name of the game at Q de Cheval‘s new Friday night prime rib buffet. I was invited to check it out last week, and MAN, was

there a lot going on!

For a shockingly reasonable $19.95, the resto inside the Hotel Intercontinental Dallas supplies a four-course all-you-can-eat fantasy: crab and corn chowder (right); a small selection of salads; sliced-to-order prime rib with a variety of sauces to top it; sides including regular and sweet baked potatoes with all the fixins; apple cobbler a la mode; and rolls and corn muffins. And as if THAT isn’t a cornucopia of good eatin’, Q de Cheval also happens to offer half-price glasses of wine on Fridays, too. What recession?

I found the chowder to be delicious — even more so with some extra pepper! — and the green salad was fresh, if not basic (there were also salads of the five-bean and potato varieties to be had). The traditional prime rib was a reliable version of the classic. But, pssst — there was a little-known platter of delights in the kitchen, revealed to me and my guest by head Chef Rex Turner. OK, it wasn’t exactly secret, since it was placed near the giant rounds of prime rib, but Chef Rex brought to our table THIS:

Chef takes the actual beef ribs and slow-cooks them, then douses them in jus. My mouth thought it was dreaming — this baby was tender, unsurprisingly. But with less fat than the regular prime rib, the bold, tastebud-enveloping flavor of MEAT rang through loud and clear. If, nay, WHEN you stop in for the prime rib buffet (and it’s gettin’ popular, so reservations are recommended), it’d be in your best interest to request one of these ribs — why not?!

You’d think after some heavy carnivorous snarfin’ like that, my tummy would’ve gone to sleep, and taken me with it! But I’m a sucker for apple cobbler, so I swore I’d try just a little bite. After that turned into two bowls of the stuff, I contemplated a third called it quits. Because I’m disciplined like that. But don’t you feel the need to be all dainty-like — attack that prime rib buffet with gastronomic abandon!