Super Bowl: Love me some Usher

So last night I hit the DirecTV party hosted by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, in a gigantic tent in Victory Plaza. Fabulous! Headlining musical acts were Usher and celebu-DJ and Lindsay Lohan’s ex Samantha Ronson.

This party wasn’t in just any tent — it was decked out for partying, that’s for sure. Actually, it was decked out for a beach party, which is exactly what it had been used for earlier in the day — a celebrity sand volleyball game. In the far corners of the tent there was still tons of sand that the occasional partygoer was tempted to play in. As for the volleyball game — missed that — recovering from the SI bash, you know, haha.

Anyhoot, my girls and I started off at the open bar and checked out the scene. Apparently, the Situation was roaming the room — damn, when would I snag him for a photo?! Also floating about were Spike Lee, Jared from Subway and, of course, Mark Cuban.

Oh, and Ronson took a seat at the table right next to ours. The girl is skeletal, to say the least. Crazy thin. She seemed to enjoy herself. But soon enough, it was time for the main attraction — Usha, Usha, Usha!!

As with every show of his I’ve been to, Mr. Hotlanta was on point with the performing — sharp dance moves, sexy interaction with his dancers, and great vocals. Man, he had that crowd in the palm of his hand, running through his hottest hits like “Caught Up,” “OMG” and “Yeah.” The girls and gays were absolutely swooning. Nice set from the R&B vet. Even got Cubes (off to the side of the stage in a supremely well-cut suit) grinning from ear to ear!

About an hour or so after Usher’s set, Ronson took the stage … and disappeared from it about 15 minutes later. What the what?! Guess when you get paid the big bucks, performing a whole show is just an option …?

Overall, Cubes’ party didn’t have quite the celebu-factor or exclusive feel of the Sports Illustrated party — though the broken-glass factor trumped most every club I’ve been to in the past two months. I swear someone was breaking one every 7 seconds!! — but it was plenty fun, and Usher brought the house down.