Super Bowl madness: Ashton & Demi – get off my coat!

The above photo is what you get when you tell two A-listers that they’ve sat on your coat. Which is precisely what I did last night to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at Sports Illustrated’s pre-XLV fete. But more on that later.

After checking out the backstage action at the NFL Gospel Celebration that afternoon, I jetted straight to a party thrown by Nivea for Men. It was on the 29th floor of the W Residences, and hawwt! Not too crowded, lots of purty people, a nice selection of snackies, a DJ and — of course — an open bar.

Entertainment Tonight had a red carpet set up in the front room, by the bar. I didn’t see any celebs there, though word was that The Situation was roaming about. Missed him! And why was I even so excited that he was there?!

Anyway, after grabbing some nibbles and swooning over the view in the back room, it was off to the after-party. Apparently, it was switched at the last minute to a spot in Fair Park. FAIR PARK?! What kind of glitz and glamour would there be there?! Sadly, my hopes weren’t high.

Buuut, this spot was HOT — set up in the tower building at Fair Park, it was definitely the place to be! And when I realized it was the Sports Illustrated party, I just about fainted!

This ginormous room was set up to look like a swank ultralounge, with VIP nooks and white leather sofas scattered throughout. Go-go dancers were doin’ their thing, and the cocktails were flowing like water.

We situated ourselves in the Nivea for Men spot, sipping premium liquor and enjoying a prime view of the stage where the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta were slated to perform.

And there were celebs — man, were there celebs. Footballer Michael Strahan, Prison Break actor Amaury Nolasco (both above), The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Dallas Cowboy Jason Witten, The Situation (all 5-foot-7 of him), Boris Kodjoe and, as mentioned, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Which brings me to our encounter. They scurried into our booth, promptly running to the back bench and sitting down … right on my and my girls’ coats! So I moseyed over to them with my camera and said, “Since you’re sitting on my coat, how ’bout a photo?” They stood up in a flash, with Ashton saying, “I didn’t know we were on your coat.” Mere minutes later, they went to the next VIP booth over. Damn, you’d think they’d have their own space to party in!!

Ah, well … check out my other pics from the party.

The bottle selection at our table consisted of Sapphire Gin, Moet champagne and Grey Goose. Holla!

David Guetta made me and my girls his “Sexy Bitch,” and we loved it!!

At the very end of the night, Glee star (and former Dallas resident) Mark Salling (right) hit our booth — he was sweet enough to take a pic!!